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Purchasing a computer is like purchasing a car - many are on the "lot" and salespersons will try to sell you what is in stock. It may not have the options, features or colors that you desire but it's there, the price is right, and you want it now.

They may try to "bait and switch" you as well. They bait you with a low price, they get you into the store, and they tell you that the product is out of stock. They then try to sell you a more expensive model that makes them a higher profit.

At DrGigabytes.com, we take the time to learn your computer habits and tailor a system around your needs. We sell you a quality system that will do what you want now and sell you what you need now. We build our systems so that they are not "throw away" and we make them flexible for future expansion. Our knowledgeable sales staff are also the people who build your systems, so when you have a problem, you can talk directly to the person who knows your machine and knows you as a valued customer.

Before you buy a computer from a sales flyer, talk to us. We have also put together a small, free publication that will educate you on computer technology and will help you better decide if the computer you are looking at is right for your needs.